agncy: Create full width content

Full Width Layout

Creating Full Width layouts is from a design standpoint one of the most important features you can leverage with the new WordPress Block Editor. The Agncy theme is prepared to create these full-width layouts with the Gutenberg editor.

The default template is non-full-width

The default look of posts and pages

The default state of posts and pages is to have non-full width layouts with a sidebar on the side. You can fill the sidebar with widget as you would expect with a WordPress blog.

Selecting wide- or full-width on blocks will not have any effect in the frontend.

Deactivate the sidebar to switch to full-width mode

Chose 'No Sidebar' to create full-width templates

We offer a special page template to remove the sidebar. This page template is called 'No Sidebar'. You can find this template in the 'Page Attributes' section of the post you are editing.

You can now create amazing full-width layouts

After you selected the 'No Sidebar' page template you can create amazing full-width layouts. We recommend creating these with our own WP Munich Blocks plugin. The image below is an example what you can build just with the background block and the split block. 

Example of full width layouts

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